Monday, December 15, 2014

5/3/1 BBB Cycle 7

Week 1: Felt weak
Week 2: Squat 305 lbs x 3
Week 3: Deadlift 385 lbs x 2, OHP 165 lbs x 3, Squat 320 lbs x 2, Bench Press 270 lbs x 1

1000 Lb Club!

Today marks the day I hit the 1000 lb club. 
Deadlift: 405, Squat: 325, Bench: 270. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

No Longer An Intermediate Lifter!!

Today marks the day where I'm an advanced lifter in bench press, squat, deadlift and overhead press.
Next goal: become an elite lifter

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pre Workout Review

1. MyProtein MyPre - Watermelon

-Packaging vs Content: 1/5

As you can barely see, the amount of pre workout in this huge container is roughly half. This tub could easily be a 60 serving but it is only 30 servings. The scoop was also at the very bottom of the tub. 

-Taste: 1/5
This is tied for one of the worst tasting pre workout (the other is DO Vitamins Pure Pump). I had to mix this with Raspberry Lemonade and chug it to get it all down.

-Mix: 1/5
When mixed with water and stirred, there were clumps that remained on the surface.

-Pump: 1/5
I took 1.75 scoops (~300mg caffeine) and barely felt anything. I always workout fasted so this should have gotten me pumped.

2. Chaos & Pain Cannibal Ferox Mango Mutilation

-Packaging vs Content: 4/5
Standard size packaging. A bit smaller than the C4 packaging. It comes with a scoop and two packs of silica gel. The powder still clumps. Rated at 25 servings.

-Taste: 5/5
One of the best tasting, might be a tad sweet for some. Easy to down.

-Mix: 5/5
Mixes very well, no clumping.

-Pump: 5/5
I take one scoop (450mg of caffeine). The pump comes in roughly less than 10 minutes and builds up. I have to mentally focus to keep the inner Hulk from coming out on my way to the gym

3. Chaos & Pain Cannibal Permaswole (Non-stimulant)

-Packaging vs Content: 5/5
Same small packaging as their other lines. This one is rated at 34 servings. Comes with a scoop and two silica gel packets. Powder doesn't clump as much as the Cannibal Ferox.

-Taste: 2/5
Flavor was Green Apple Hulk. It doesn't taste nearly as great as the Mango Mutilation. I've had to mix this with the Mango Mutilation or juice.

-Mix: 3/5
Mixes decently well but I tend to some little particles at the bottom

-Pump: 2/5
I get the tingling sensation within 10 minutes of consuming and that's pretty much it. No focus or pump that lasts for the hour workout session.

4.  DO Vitamins Pure Pump Unflavored

-Packaging vs Content: 4/5
Small packaging that doesn't take up too much space. Comes with a scoop and two silica gel packets. No signs of heavy clumping. Easy to break the clumps. This is touted as a natural pre workout with no salt, sugar, filters, gluten, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors, etc. There is 30 servings or 60 scoops.

-Taste: 1/5
Pretty bad tasting but then again this is the unflavored version. Mixing with juice helps a bit but there is still a lingering aftertaste.

-Mix: 3/5
Mixes decent however I find particles at the bottom

-Pump: 4/5
Surprisingly the pump is decent. One scoop is 100mg of caffeine. I've taken two scoops and 200mg of caffeine felt like 300mg of caffeine.

5. Cellucor C4 Extreme Icy Blue Razz

-Packaging vs Content: 4/5
Shiny packaging that's a bit larger in size than the others on this list however this packaging is rated at 60 servings.

-Taste: 4/5
Much artificial flavoring and sweeteners but it tastes pretty darn good. Sighs, the struggle to avoid anything artificial is tough.

-Mix: 3/5
Lots of particles at the bottom of the mix

-Pump: 4/5
One scoop is rated at 135mg of caffeine. I take two scoops. Good focus and pump for a decent 30-40 minutes.

6. USP Labs Jack 3D - Watermelon

-Packaging vs Content: 1/5
There are 45 one scoop servings. Each serving contains 100mg of caffeine.

-Taste: 4/5
Tastes good but obviously artificially flavored and sweetened. Might be a bit sweet for some.

-Mix: 3/5
As with most pre workout, there are particles that linger at the bottom

-Pump: 4/5
Great pump and focus. Lasted almost an hour.

7. Legion Pulse Fruit Punch

-Packaging vs Content: 3/5
Large tub for 21 two scoop servings. Each serving contains 350mg of caffeine. There is still artificial flavoring and silica in the ingredients

-Taste: 3/5
Sweetened with Stevia. It's good but not as good as C4 flavors

-Mix: 3/5
Decent mix, particles lingered at the bottom.

-Pump: 1/5
Tingling sensation was felt after 10 minutes of consumption. Pretty much disappeared after 20 minutes. No pump or focus for the hour session.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Today marks a milestone, my long term goal of 4/3/2/1. 
4 plate deadlift, 3 plate squat, 2 plate bench and 1 plate OHP.

The squat was the last due to my lack of leg training in the beginning. 

Next long term milestone goal is 5/4/3/2. 

5/3/1 BBB - Cycle 6

Week 1: Bench Press 240 lbs x 5, OHP 145 lbs x4, 
Week 2: Squat 295 lbs x 4
Week 3: Bench Press 265 lbs x 2, OHP 160 lbs x 1, Deadlift 405 lbs x 1, Squat 315 lbs x2

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5/3/1 BBB - Cycle 5 (Deload 10%)

10% deload this cycle due to being sick for 9 days and loss of strength.

Week 1 PR: OHP 135 lbs x 8, Deadlifts 325 lbs x 6,  Bench 210 lbs x 11, 
Week 2 PR: OHP 145 lbs x 5, Bench 235 lbs x 6, Deadlift 355 lbs x 4
Week 3 PR: OHP 150 lbs x 3, Bench 245 lbs x 4, Squats 280 lbs x 5

Notes: Strength not quite back to par but very close. Didn't realize being sick for 1.5 weeks would take me 2.5 weeks to regain it all back. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Website Called Free CE Association Is Not Actually Free.

A site called Free CE Association is not actually free. You must pay to even register for a CE course.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Compliment Of The Day

Patient: Are you new?
Me: I work at the owner's other office in Mesquite
Patient: How far is that?
Me: About 20 minutes away
Patient: Oh, I was hoping it was closer cause I like you better. I like your demeanor and you're much more gentle than the other dentist